July 19, 2024

I know not, I know not, I know not for there’s nothing to know, but know!  

Musingsnothings is a limpid, rumbustious, or demented offering of my and other’s imagination on the run. It is wild, wonderous, wonderfully as well as woefully or blissfully, aware, or unaware of; or, too conscious of the surroundings to either ignore or seriously mull about. I am letting loose the vagabond in me literally, on a journey of discovery!

Wabi Sabi – the Japanese concept of seeking perfections in imperfections (if my simplistic understanding is correct) stands as a cornerstone or a mile stone to reach in this domain!

Nothings simply let you dive, simply dive in without much ado at your own risk to explore and experience the known, unknown, idiosyncratic, unfazed yet stimulating world of outpourings.

So, here I embark on my journey to strive, to seek, and yet not, to yield whatever that comes across my way in this wordy kingdom of joy, sadness, bewilderment or ecstasy! Allow me ye readers and more so, myself to explore my inner quest to quench, consume or get subsumed in personal or impersonal interests.

This is what musingsnothings is all about. For ‘nothing’ comes out of musingsnothings that matter musings the most – nothings!


Nothing – just for You!

Nothing did you ask of me.

And nothing do I gift thee.

Nothing but these lines few.

Nothing but some aromatic brew.

Nothing that occludes the Sun.

Nothing to mar life’s fun.

Nothing but pure joy

Nothing but a new toy.

Nothing but peace of mind.

Nothing of that daily grind.

Nothing but happiness around.

Nothing but health, sound.

Nothing but a merry gang of friends

Nothing that ever ends.

Nothing that will spoil your day

Nothing that NO you need to say.

Nothing that doesn’t let you sleep

Nothing ever that makes you weep.

Nothing that ever makes you sad

Nothing that for your health is bad.

Nothing indeed can I add to the list.

Nothing, exactly like you did insist!


Nothing it is, as per your wish.

Nothing but beautiful memories to cherish.

By Happy, the Clown (aka PINTOO),
Lieutenant Commander
Retd. (Communications Specialist), Indian Navy and proudly, my classmate at St. Xavier’s High School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.